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The Gardinier Funeral Home was established in 1932 by L.L. Burger. Mr. Burger came from Cambridge Springs, PA and served his internship in Franklin before opening the funeral home.            

L.L. Burger




Former Leech Home, now converted


Mr. Burger bought the former Leech home and converted it to a funeral home.




In 1964 Mr. Burger added the large living room chapel. Most of the woodwork still exists from when it was a private residence.

In 1973, Mr. Burger sold the funeral home to Robert W. Gardinier, Sr. Mr. Gardinier then added much of the present parking.

Robert W. Gardinier, Sr.




Ted Gabrys
  The Gabrys Brothers Funeral Home merged with the Gardinier Funeral Home in 1977.




 In 1988, Robert sold the firm to his son, Michael W. Gardinier, who is the current owner. Michael has completely remodeled both the interior and exterior of the funeral home.  
Michael W. Gardinier